Funding Care

State or Private


If you intend to be privately funding live-in care, without any State support, you can go ahead and contact us now.
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We can work together to get you assessed by Social Services. If you qualify you will be allocated a Personal Budget, paid in the form of Direct Payments, Individual Service Funds (ISFs), or Individual Budgets. You can also access benefits which are not means-tested.
Simply put this means, you receive the ability to say how they are paid and to whom. You get the choice of care provider.

Benefits available

Social Care Payments, assessed on age and care requirements
Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
Attendance Allowance (AA)
AbiCare has considerable experience in working with individual budgets, direct payments and individual service funds.

What is a Personal Budget?

Once the local authority has assessed you as requiring care they will determine whether they are prepared to start paying for live-in care for you on your behalf, and how much they might pay. This sum is then allocated to you and it is this money which is thereafter known as your Personal Budget. Your PB can either be spent for you by the local authority, when they provide the actual care (or select a provider) or it can be paid to you as a Direct Payment of cash, in which case YOU will have the choice to select the provider and spend the money, or it can be handed to the care provider who will provide the care. In either case YOU tell the authority what you want.

If you take the payment as Direct Payments you must satisfy the authority that it will be spent wisely. This means you have to provide a Care Plan: but this is something AbiCare would do with you anyway, so it’s going to be part of your package!
If you choose to have the money for paying for live-in care paid directly to AbiCare as your care provider then your Individual Budget is known as an Individual Service Fund. You would take this route if you felt that you could not, or did not want to, look after the IB yourself. The only question about this route is whether you trust us not to run off with your money! (For the record, we won’t!). Oncewe control your ISF we still develop a care plan for you and you still retain the right to change how the money is spent: however you get the state to pay for your care, YOU call the shots.
More information about care funding is available from an organisation call paying for care.

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