Why would I want a Live In carer?
Some people like Live In carers because it means they can stay at home. Its that simple. If the choice is between your home or a care home, Live In care is your answer.

Is Live In care very expensive?
Live In care is not as expensive as you’re moving into a care home or other residential facility. Its more expensive than a part time carer of course, but it does mean that you get to stay at home and live your life in your surroundings!

I don’t think I’d like sharing my life with a stranger
Maybe not, but you won’t be!  Your carer will simply be there for you. She (or he!) will live in your house, make your meals, help you around, take you shopping or whatever else you want to do. Then they will either go back to their own part of the house or sit with you to chat. It is your choice.

What if I don’t get on with my carer?
Then your carer will be changed!  We work hard to match you with a carer we think you’ll like and who’s company you will enjoy but if it doesn’t work out we will keep trying until you find a friend!    We have carers from all parts of the world and one of our clients wanted a carer fluent in a specific language so that she could continue to converse in a ‘foreign’ language. We we able to accommodate this request.

Could my carer come on holiday with me?
Yes, very possibly. We have several clients who do take carers away with them (or do the carers take the clients? It’s hard to tell!).

Surely my carer needs a break during the day?
Your carer will be allocated two hours off each day. During this time you can either have another carer sent to you by us or a relative or friend can be with you.  Whatever happens, you will not be left alone unless you wish it to be like that.