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Ecare and Telehealth

Ecare  and telehealth sound rather futuristic don’t they ? And as we all know that Grandma knew best, it seems unlikely that ecare could ever be as good as care in the way we know it.  But consider first the facts and then the benefits.

Ecare and telehealth are different things, not just different labels.



Ecare is another way of describing video links, electronic monitoring, or low level electronic intervention  between your relative and you, its another way of talking about shopping on line, about your relative contacting their carer or care provider for assurance or advice.  It is also about us contacting them to ascertain health and wellbeing and perhaps taking a self-taken reading or two.

But Ecare goes beyond this, imagine your relative or loved one sitting alone because you can’t be there all the time.  Of course they’ll be ok, of course they have the cat or the dog or the telly…but what about the human contact the we all take for granted?  Ecare can deliver a huge step forward out of social exclusion, and AbiLink is ecare.

AbiLink solves the issues of social isolation and exclusion at a stroke.   No longer will your loved one rely on the cat or the dog for company because they can now switch on the AbiLink unit and talk to someone, or play chess, or even video call you on your smart phone.  AbiLink offers all of the exciting aspects of the internet without the fear.



Telehealth is something different again, it is much more an intervention method.  Telehealth is remotely monitoring of vital signs or other items that medics or carers need to keep an eye on.  Telehealth is about medication delivery and monitoring, it can be as simple as ensuring the user takes the right dose of pills at the right time to something as complex as remotely monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, body and room temperature, blood gas composition, and so on.  Basically, if it can be measured or monitored in a hospital then it can be measured and monitored via telehealth: and AbiLink is telehealth.

But why use ecare and telehealth at all?  Well, lets forget the fact that cost comes into everything just for a second.  If people are left at home in isolation they deteriorate as they get older.  Alzheimer’s can set in, dementia can start and eventually the person needs to go into a home or have 24 hour care at home.  But with ecare they can be kept alert and vibrant for many years, which both gives them a much better quality of life and also prevents institutionalisation


Consider telehealth: if the person is now a patient, either inpatient or out, they need to either be resident in a hospital ward or make frequent visits to the surgery.  But with telehealth that is not required.  Low level intervention can be made at home – a modern twist on cottage hospitals if you like –  which means they get a nicer environment in which to rest or they are saved the effort of travelling to a clinic.


The potential

The potential of ecare and telehealth is truly stunning; if you are of a generation that was in awe at the mdical trickery shown in Star Trek, well you can now stand in awe for real.  What Gene Roddenberry imagined, AbiLink can deliver.

There is no doubt that AbiLink opffers a solution to two of todays huge issues: social exclusion and internet-aversion in the elderly.  Reducing social exclusion is a proven way of keeping the elderly out of homes and hospitals for longer.  AbiLink can do this.

Removing internet aversion is almost guaranteed to enhance daily life immeasurably.  Whether it be for on-line chess, reading ebooks, watching films and TV programmes or just emailing friends; the elderly miss out needlessly.  Not any more they don’t not with AbiLink.