Onboarding and IT Coordinator

The role will be based at Head Office and you will mainly be responsible for coordinating and organising the recruitment and onboarding of CareMatch applicants. You may also be required to assist with the recruitment and onboarding of the other service lines as and when required.

        The position is full-time 

        Participating in the ‘out of hours’ rota (responding to applicants in the evenings/weekends via phone or email)

        £20,000 per annum plus bonus

        40 hours per week

        Free parking

Key responsibilities:
– ensuring CareMatch have a flow of applicant members to satisfy the demand and growth of the service

– working with the marketing team to place CareMatch ads in local media, job boards, social media and websites

– main point of contact for all CareMatch onboarding enquiries

– conduct short telephone interview

– booking the applicant for a face-to-face meeting with the CareMatch representative-

– maintaining database of applicants’ status

– liaise with the training dept and book the CareMatch carer member onto training

– setting up CareMatch member onto various communication channels

– participating in the on-call for out of hours enquiries (emailing or phoning)

    Supporting Abicare recruitment (in the absence of the Abicare recruitment/onboarding coordinator)reviewing the recruitment paperwork, checking for factual accuracy in all documents
– liaising with the local offices regarding the outcome of the interviews and ensuring that a formal corespondence is sent, ensuring all new starters have at least two references and that the references have been verified

– responding to requests for references for past employees
– ordering id badges

– assist with any DBS queries and give guidance
– liaising with local offices and locality trainers ensuring that new starters have been booked onto training
– NMDS (National Minimum Data Set) ensuring the local offices are aware of their responsibility to complete and give guidance where necessary

The Onboarding/IT coordinator should possess:

– excellent technical communication & interpersonal skills

– excellent written & oral communication skills

– ability to multi-task, prioritise & work to deadlines

– attention to detail

– organisation

– be able to gain people’s confidence and put them at ease

– be motivated and results driven

If you feel that you meet the criteria of the Onboarding and IT Coordinator, please apply now!


This job was added on: 14th May 2019

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