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Home Help Job Details & Outlines

Role : To help service users in their homes in a way which respects their dignity and promotes independence.

1. General Responsibilities

Assist service users to organise the daily/weekly cleaning of their home.

Provide any cooking, laundry or shopping services that may be required.

Carry out services as specified in the service user’s Planned Care Schedule and adhere to any timetables that have been agreed for each service user.

Observe the needs of the service user and ensure they are being met at all times. Where needs change or become more complex report these to the Homecare Co-ordinator or Manager.

Deal with service users and their families with courtesy at all times.

2. Cleaning Duties


All work surfaces to be cleaned including cooker, sink, and draining board.
Cupboard doors to be wiped down.
Inside windows to be cleaned, ledges and any shelves to be wiped down/dusted.
Floor to be washed/disinfected. Vacuum if carpeted.
Fridge to be checked for out of date food and cleaned if needed.


All surfaces to be dusted, including radiators, sideboards, shelves, lampshades, ornaments.
Carpets to be vacuumed, including lifting rugs and vacuuming underneath.
Inside windows to be cleaned, including ledges, and any shelves to be wiped down/dusted.
Dead flowers to be removed, vases to be cleaned and returned.

Dining Room:

Dining table/chairs to be dusted (incl. table/chair legs). Sideboards,
Radiators, shelves to be dusted.
Inside windows to be cleaned, including ledges.
Carpets to be vacuumed, including lifting rugs and cleaning underneath.


Make beds if necessary and change sheets at least once a week.
All surfaces to be cleaned/dusted including radiators, wardrobes, bedside cabinets etc.
Carpets to be vacuumed including lifting rugs and vacuuming underneath.
Inside windows to be cleaned, including ledges.


Toilet bowl to be cleaned/disinfected, including pedestal and cistern.
Sink to be cleaned /disinfected including pedestal.
Bath/shower to be cleaned/disinfected including bath side /shower door.
Mirrors and surrounds to be cleaned.
Floor to be washed /disinfected. Vacuum if carpeted.
Check soap and toilet roll, replace if needed.

3. Practical Services

Pension collecting, bill paying and banking money on Services User’s instruction.
Emptying and cleaning commode and chemical toilet.
Specific cleaning needed for health and safety reasons.
General tidying.
Washing up for the Service User.
Fire lighting and managing solid fuel.
Managing central and other heating systems.
Dealing with household and personal refuse.
Coping with pets and associated cleaning, but not walking the dog.
Laundry in a suitable and safe manner.
Shopping (for groceries, food, provisions etc) and posting letters.
Assist with reading mail (at Services Users request), letter writing, and phone calls.
Management of food stores/fridges etc.
Preparation of light snacks and drinks.

4. Social and Emotional Support

Mobility and transport.
Escort service such as hospital visit.
Company, conversation, listening.
Encouragement, motivation, confidence building.
Religious and cultural activities.
Assist with democratic rights e.g. escort to polling station, assist with postal ballot.


All wall mounted pictures/frames etc. to be dusted.
Check for dust/cob webs and remove.
Skirting boards to be dusted.
Lamp/light shades to be dusted.
Waste bins to be emptied.
Keep a check on stock levels of all cleaning supplies and advise service user accordingly when levels low.
Kitchen/bathroom floors are NOT TO BE WASHED ON YOUR HANDS & KNEES; service users should provide a mop & bucket.


For safety/insurance reasons you are NOT to use BLEACH and you are NOT to climb on chairs or anything other than appropriate stepladders to reach objects. If heavy furniture i.e. sofas, cannot be moved easily for cleaning underneath, then do not move them. You are no good to service users with a bad back!

If for whatever reason you are unsure of something, do not hesitate to contact the office.