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There’s no doubt about it.  Minimum visit times are a real challenge for both carer and client; but is there an alternative?

Have a listen to this:


The problem of course is that the social services are simply running out of money; and as they set the minimum visit times, whatever we say, then they get the final say – he who pays the piper calls the tune, as they say.

Minimum visit times will not get better of course, in fact they will only get worse as pressure on funds gets worse and worse.   Abicare is doing more than many companies to alleviate the troubles for its staff and clients.  We have instigated a new electronic monitoring and rostering system which allocates the most logical carer to each client, it also works out the travel time and a route – based on Google Maps – then tells us all the final roster.  The carer in the radio programme complains about minimum visit times being eaten into by travelling across busy towns and cities: well our new system will take this into account and plan the rota accordingly.


Abicare takes minimum visit times very seriously…which is why we spend a lot of time each day getting them right!  But ultimately it’s the Social Services Department, not Abicare, who cuts the cloth.