End of Life Care

End of Life care is a very special service because it is the final service we can offer.

It is impossible to give End of Life Care justice on a web page, so please call us on 01722 343989 or email us and we’ll call you, help@abicare.co.uk

End of life care is built around people who are approaching the end of their lives and includes their family or carers. It helps the dying to live as well as possible until they pass away, and then to do so with dignity.

End of life care may include pure palliative care to make you as comfortable as possible by relieving pain or distress, while providing psychological, social and spiritual support for you and your family or carers. Palliative care might also be administered earlier, together with other therapies, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, before you require end of life care.

If you think End of Life care is a service you would like to discuss please get in touch.