When you join AbiLiveIn you join an established, professional company that accepts perfection as the norm and excellence as a duty.  We don’t expect every potential carer who joins us to be perfect on day one – so we train you!

If you’re more of a talker than a reader, call us now on 01722 343989 and we’ll get a recruitment pack out to you!

Abi Training is fun but serious. You will receive considerable training in the way we do things, our systems and procedures as well as training in care, health and safety, hygiene and so on.  We will never ask you to do something you haven’t been trained in (and as a live in carer you’ll have had 2 years experience in care as well).

Live In carers live with a client in their home for two weeks then they are cycled out of post for a break. During this break you are free of Abi Group duties if you wish to be and can do whatever you like…you’re off! So, your life as an AbiLiveIn carer is broken into two week chunks.

Abi carers are well supported by both Head Office and their regional office.  You will have a full staff handbook, a Personal Development Plan and plenty of access to all the Abi resources to help you grow as a person and a professional.

Joining AbiGroup is an exciting stage in your career! Email us now for a welcome pack