Join Our Team; Jobs and Recruitment

AbiCare is always looking for more staff to join join the company.  We are a happy company and we are growing, so we always need new staff, so much so that we have a good full time Jobs and Recruitment Department!

If you are a carer, a cleaner, a nurse, or a health professional with a specialty in the fields mentioned in these pages and you are after a new challenge, then please contact us.  Jobs in the UK care industry are not hard to find, most agencies have recruitment staff working for them; but finding the right agency for you is a bit harder!  Here at Abicare we take jobs and recruitment as a two way street; you do your best for us and we’ll do our best for you.

To join AbiCare you  may need some sort of professional qualification or a background in care – unless you are a new carer looking to start out, in which case we will give you full training.  You will also need a CRB / DBS (we will help you apply online for a Disclosure Barring Service certificate DBS),  good references from your last few employers, (be free of criminal records) , have the right to work in the UK and be proud of what you do!  Jobs and recruitment staff will guide you through the things you need to have or get if you don’t yet know.

If you are looking from abroad and you would like to join our team in the UK then you will need some specialist help.  If you are European, it’s very easy…get on a plane and join us!  Well, okay, you might want some help with jobs and recruitment, so please just call us or fill in the online application form   If you are not inside the EEC then you’ll have different needs and, whilst we are happy to employ you once you satisfy our Border Agency requirements, we are not able to actually help you with these.  Or have a look here…  They don;t actually help with jobs and recruitment, but they will tell you whether you’re likely to be successful with your jobs and recruitment search!

Finally – if you like what you read in our website – please contact us!   We are friendly, professional and approachable, but most of all we care!

Profile of An Abicare Trainer

“I joined the team as a carer in 2001, I had over 10 years experience in the care sector. At this stage we were a new company, with the ideal of quality care being delivered to the individual in their own home.

As the company grew, the opportunity arose for a Senior Carer and Risk Assessor. I put myself forward, and was supported as I  learnt the new skills and gained the qualifications required by this role.  I was in the role for a few years, after which I discussed with my Home Care Manager about becoming a trainer.

I felt with my experience that I could support others and share my knowledge to ensure that good quality, dignified care was being delivered with compassion and empathy by our care staff to our customers. I was again fully supported  by our Home Care Manager and senior members of the company as I learnt the new skills and gain the qualifications I required to take on this role.

As the company grew into new regions across the South of England and South Wales we required more trainers. I supported them as they took  on the roles. The training dept then flourished, we support not only care staff but management too.

As the company grew, I grew with it, developing new skills and supporting the trainers to develop theirs.

I am now the Company Training Manager and I work alongside all the trainers across our 10+ offices and all the Managers.”