What is AbiLink? - AbiLink

What is AbiLink?

AbiLink is a brand new, leading edge service from AbiCare.  AbiLink offers your relative all the benefits of ‘on-line’ living without them really knowing or thinking they are ‘on-line’ at all.  In fact, if you don’t tell them, they probably won’t even know they’re on a computer at all.

AbiLink is an electronic care service which, at its simplest, prevents social exclusion, encourages continued mental stimulation and can delay the requirement for a care home for years.  AbiLink is also much cheaper than having to pay for home care or live-in care.  For more information on this aspect please read our pages on “What AbiLink can do for you”.


What do I get with AbiLink?

If you subscribe to the AbiLink service you will receive a screen, or monitor, of our own unique design which sits as a stand-alone device in the home.  The screen has been carefully designed to be elderly-friendly, featuring large type fonts and bright buttons.  There is no keyboard to attach, unless the user wants one, so all activities can be done via touch screen buttons and icons.

There needs to be a broadband service to the property, but this can be fitted by you or by us.  If there is no broadband then we can use the system known as MiFi where a small device (a dongle) is fitted to the AbiLink unit.  These work well but do require a good 3G cellular service.

So, once you have a broadband link and an AbiLink unit, thats pretty much all there is!  There can be a remote control device supplied if you want one but most users elect not to have this device, preferring instead to use the touch screen icons.

Services through AbiLink

AbiLink can provide video phone calls, video conferencing and voice-only phone calls as well.

Also available through your AbiLink unit will be shopping, TV, church services and radio programmes; in essence, if it can be obtained on-line it can be delivered via AbiLink.

Extra services through AbiLink are user to user video calls, establishing a network of safe, similar users who can chat and exchange messages: a proper social network for the elderly or housebound.  All users are carefully screened and each user may only contact, and be contacted by, other network users after they have been granted (or granted) permission.


Contact AbiCare

One of the main features of AbiLink is that it can be used to contact AbiCare instantly.  If the user is feeling unwell, anxious or simply lonely they can always press one button and instantly talk to a carer in our offices.  This sytem works both ways in fact: if AbiCare are contracted to call the user daily, or if they feel there is reason to call them, they can ‘ring’ the unit of the user and wait for an answer.  If there is no answer when we feel there should be, we will dispatch a carer to visit the home.

Contact relatives and friends

It may be that AbiCare is not the main point of contact for you, in which case the main button will take you through to your relatives or family.  They do not need their own AbiLink unit unless they want one.  AbiLink can be configured to run on a laptop, a smart phone or tablet.



Shopping will be set up with the user’s help by a trained AbiCare carer.  The shopping list can either be established as a ‘favourits’ basket and simply clicked weekly or, and this is more usual, the user and the carer can ‘do the shopping’ together on line.  To the uninitiated, its as simple as strolling down the aisle at Waitrose, Tesco or wherever you shop and picking items from the shelf.  There can be teething troubles but most users find that after the first delivery of one potato they get the hang of it!

Church Services

Church services can be established from any of the churches that stream live services.  Whilst many churches do stream live services, many, many more make old services and sermons available on line and all of these can be delivered via AbiLink.

Games, chess,  book clubs

Games and on-line chat with other network users can be established at any time; the AbiLink system is a dynamic and flexible way of maintaining full social contact.

Always safe

The important thing to remember with AbiLink is that it is always safe and it is always easy.  No one can access your or your unit unless you let them.  You will not receive spam, abusive emails or unsolicited communications, at all, ever!  The AbiLink system is totally safe.


The AbiLink system is also designed for  people who have not used computers, the internet or even cell phones.  It is designed for those who have used these things but didn’t like it.  It is designed for for people who have forgotten how to use them or who can’t remember instructions.  AbiLink was designed by very clever people who love computers so that normal people who don’t can still benefit.

Don’t think of your AbiLink unit as a computer…think of it as a window on the world.  AbiLink.