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Book a Trial

For a free trial booking or to request more information please email us on


The best way to find out quite what AbiLink will do for you is to book a trial.  We wont charge you for this, it’s all part of our service (oh,okay, it’s a sprat to catch a mackerel…but we still won’t charge you for it!).

We will install an AbiLink unit in your home and that of your relative, we will set the system up for you and we will get you going, then we will leave you to it for a week.  If you have broadband thats going to be so much easier, but if you don’t we will simply add a Mi-Fi unit to the AbiLink.


Of course, if you’d rather come to us to see the unit first then we can also arrange that.  We currently have AbiLink users who are happy to come on-line for demonstrations!


Call us today on 01722 343981   or drop us an email to