Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Thank you for considering a career with AbiCare Group.  There’s no doubt about it; a career with us is going to be an exciting challenge for you.  Many of todays senior managers within the Abi Group started their careers with us as young carers or office staff, proof if you needed it that within the group there’s no limit to what you can achieve or how far you can go.  But we stretch our wings geographically too; AbiGroup has offices across the whole of southern England and into Wales, so there’s no reason why when you move your job can’t move with you.  Some positions within the Group attract a car as part of the package but almost all posts get paid a mileage allowance as well as the normal wages or salary.  When you add into the pot your holiday pay, a generous sickness scheme, pension and gym membership scheme you will find that the rewards you get when you join AbiGroup are excellent.

Of course, life isn’t all about working hard to achieve some goal…we also have home lives to lead and AbiGroup recognises this.  We treat all employees as family men and women and we respect that you are human beings rather than simply numbers on a payroll. Once we have decided that we’d like you to join the Abi Family we will bend over backwards to help you stay with us for as long as you want.

The training we give you will be useful outside Abi Group too, should you eventually decide to leave us.  We are proud (but sad!!) to be able to say that several ex Abi employees have gone off and started their own businesses –  the training they gained within Abi Group helped them do this.

Have a read of the following pages and if you decide you’d like to join us please fill in the electronic questionnaire as a first step. That will be emailed to us, we will will read it and get back to you by telephone or email! If you haven’t heard from us in a few days check your spam bucket!

Please complete the following new entrant questionnaire.  Once you have answered all the questions hit the “send” button and it’ll whiz it’s way to our offices.  Once we have read it we will contact you very soon!

Please also keep up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter!  We post all current vacancies and opportunities on both sites.