Domestic FAQ

I have some special requirements for a cleaner, can you deal with these?

Yes!  Whether you need steam cleaning each week to dampen dust or a careful dusting around infirm relatives, tell us and we will do it.

Do I need to stay at home when the cleaner arrives?

No.  In fact you don’t need to be at home at all.  Several of our clients give us keys so our cleaners just let themselves in and out while they are at work.

Who provides the cleaning materials?

You do, because that way you get to choose the right materials for your things. We can tell you what to get or when things are running low, or you can provide your materials of choice.   For blitz cleans though, we will provide everything.

Isn’t it very decadent to have a cleaner?

Not at all!  Having a cleaner means you are freed up to either do your job better, or simply to take time out to relax which is just as important as doing a good job!

Won’t a cleaner be very expensive ?

Not at all.  We charge £14.00 an hour (plus mileage) but you’d be amazed at what our cleaners can do in an hour!  Give us a call and we’ll surprise you.

My house is always too untidy for a cleaner isn’t it?

No!  Urban myths suggest that you need to clean up before a cleaner arrives…well not for AbiCleaners you don’t!  We are there to do the cleaning so let us clean!

If I start a cleaner can I stop it when I want?

Yes, absolutely.  Just tell us!

What if I don’t get on with my cleaner?

Tell us and we will change the cleaner.