CQC Compliant cleaning

AbiClean  offers compliant cleaning to help you prepare for CQC inspections.


Care Quality Commission.

This body was set up to ensure patients received a very good standard of care across all areas of the NHS. They have set out some very detailed guidelines explaining what standards should be maintained and have even gone as far as to offer acceptable means of compliance (i.e. they tell you how the outcomes may be achieved).

The CQC remit is very wide ranging  and since registration was required during April 2013 it is inevitable that inspections for compliance are imminent.

AbiClean is familiar with the CQC  requirements and will help you ensure that you pass the CQC inspections.  Where we clean clinical premises we suggest  that the following items are included in specifications where applicable.


– Disinfect all door handles and push plates

– Wipe down and disinfect  work tops  and sinks in treatment rooms.

– Wipe clean and disinfect the top  of reception desk  and counters.

– Wipe clean and disinfect the surface of couches and replace the paper roll.

– Wipe clean and disinfect all handrails etc.

– Wipe clean and disinfect hard type waiting room furniture and spray disinfect soft furniture .

– Wipe clean and disinfect all ancillary equipment in waiting areas (blood pressure checkers etc.)

– It is worth considering replacing modesty curtains with disposable paper ones.



– Wipe clean and disinfect all couch frames in treatment rooms

– Replace disposable privacy curtains.



– Clean and disinfect the high level frame of privacy screens.


Colour Coding

We will ensure that colour coded mops, buckets and cloths are on site with a poster clearly showing areas and colour of equipment to be used, in accordance with the NPSA Colour Coding scheme.


Dissinfection Chemicals

In order  to prevent the spread of infection, especially cross-contamination infection, it is recommended that a variety of chemicals be used as microbes can build up resistance.   AbiClean uses a variety of recommended disinfectants but we are happy to use yours if you prefer.


Cleaning during business hours

Most of the AbiClean work is done when your premises a re closed, but of course cleaning during the day must still take place.  If you want us to do this we can certainly allocate cleaners to you, but you might find it preferable to maintain disinfection yourselves, in which case we will provide whatever you want at cost.  These would be delivered to your premises and we will ensure COSHH sheets are on site as we do for all of our materials.


DBS  (was CRB)

All AbiCleaners are DBS checked and are briefed on confidentiality and what to do with confidential paperwork they might come across.  The details  of this will be discussed with you as a client as what we do depends on what you want us to do!



If you have not yet had a CQC inspection then be in no doubt that you are over due!  If you have had a CQC inspection then you will be aware that they are another burden and a worry.  Why not let AbiClean remove ALL the worry from you by letting us do your CQC compliant cleaning.  As part of the AbiGroup we are fully familiar with CQC requirements because they apply to US as well.  How many other cleaning companies are THAT familiar with the regs???