Carpet Cleaning

before-afterWe also now offer carpet cleaning! We use state of the art ProChem carpet cleaning equipment and chenicals so that your carpet will be as clean as the day you laid it. By using powerful professional equipment your carpet will be dry in around 4 hours.

The AbiClean multi-step cleaning process will be administered by a trained carpet cleaner who will ensure that all spots, stains and marks are removed at the same time as the general clean takes place.

hooverWe can also offer you a fantastic package service. Get your carpets cleaned by us every year for a small monthly outlay.It makes paying for the cleaning of your carpets a lot cheaper and means you won’t think twice about having them done. Most carpet makers recommend that you clean carpets every year (bedrooms and low traffic areas every 3 years). By joining the AbiClean Carpet Club you will ensure that you fulfill your manufactures requests and keep your carpets looking tip top. Carpet Club members are also able to call on us at short notice for spillage and stain removal -usually free of charge!